Inspire your team: An Overview of Amazon AWS Cloud

Tracey Flanders Published Aug 24, 2014 at 12:25 AM MST by Tracey Flanders Tags Cloud, Amazon AWS  Leave comment

Introducing a complex technology such as Amazon AWS Cloud into a large organization can be a tough challenge. With all of the terminology and acronyms around Amazon AWS, its no wonder professionals struggle with what an AWS service provides. It's mind blowing, the amount of services and releases Amazon produces even on a daily basis, truly innovative. 



Amazon AWS Platform Breadth

The diagram below shows the layers of AWS services available to customers.





Get them up to speed

If you need to communicate your AWS cloud strategy it would be much easier to present consistent material that covers the basics. The following presentation below should do just that. Feel free to use and distribute, I only ask that you do not remove the credit.


Download PowerPoint presentation (Your best viewing option)


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